Clear Studios specializes in the design of holistic spaces.

We are a design collective focused on creating harmonious environments that connect us to ourselves, each-other and the natural world. We explore regenerative design through integration of local materials, sustainable systems, and back to basics philosophy.

In 2014, we left our jobs at high-end design firms based in NYC and bought one way tickets to South America. Through visiting various communities, we learned a lot about the process of space making, specifically pre-industrial practices of natural building with local materials. This journey sparked a curiosity of how space can create identity, culture and community.

Since returning, we have designed in NYC within the fields of: wellness hospitality, residential, and environmental/exhibition. 
Together, we bring a spectrum of skills and perspectives into our projects. 

Clear Studios is based in Brooklyn, NY.
established in 2015

Steffi Min ‐ Industrial design / Pratt Institute, Bachelor Degree 2011
Samuel Sutcliffe ‐ Architecture / Pratt Institute, Bachelor Degree 2012
Mary Frisbee ‐ Architecture /  University of Florida, Bachelor Degree 2011

Professional Experience
Combined over 10 years of experience working for high-end design studios:
Architecture at Large  &  Yabu Pushelberg