Clear Studios specializes in the design of holistic, intentional spaces.
Focusing to create feeling-based, harmonious environments through a multi-disciplinary process. Regenerative design and creative solutions aim to connect us to ourselves, one another, and our planet.

our story:

In 2014, we, Steffi, Samuel, and Mary, left our jobs at high-end design firms based in NYC and headed to South & Central America for 7 months. Through visiting various communities, we learned a lot about the process of space making & building with the land, specifically pre-industrial practices of natural building with local materials. This journey sparked a passion for how to live in collaboration with the Earth.

When we returned to NYC, we started Clear Studios. Since, we have designed as a collective within the fields of: architectural, wellness hospitality, residential, exhibition, objects, public space sculpture & graphic design.

Together, we bring a spectrum of skills and perspectives into our projects.  We aim to bring new standards to the design industry during an era of mass consumption, waste, and global warming. We wish to build towards a clear and brilliant future.

Clear Studios is based in Brooklyn, NY.
established in 2015

Steffi Min ‐ Industrial design / Pratt Institute, Bachelor Degree 2011
Samuel Sutcliffe ‐ Architecture / Pratt Institute, Bachelor Degree 2012
Mary Frisbee ‐ Architecture /  University of Florida, Bachelor Degree 2011

Professional Experience
Combined over 10 years of experience working for high-end design studios:
Architecture at Large  &  Yabu Pushelberg